GAIL Quality Polymer Products

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene Products)

G-Lex is the brand name of HDPE resins produced from dedicated (HDPE) plants of GAIL (India) Ltd. G- Lex HDPE resin grades are manufactured by using CX slurry process technology of M/s Mitsui Chemicals, Japan. The technology offers a wide range of high quality HDPE resin grades. G-Lex HDPE resin grades offer excellent mechanical strength, high impact strength, easy processability , good low temperature impact resistance, high stiffness and superior ESCR for higher molecular weight and narrow to very wide molecular weight distribution , G-Lex resin grades open the door to vast array of application opportunities in pressure pipes, OFC ducts, blow moulded containers, thin films, monofilament, raffia etc. All the Grades conform to BIS regulation for food contact applications.
G-lene HDPE resin grades provide excellent processability, high gloss, low degree of warpage, high impact strength and good stiffness. These grades offer greater ability to meet the diverse and innovative requirements of the market with exceptionally high quality performance in both extrusion and molding applications.

LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene Products)

G-Lene LLDPE resin grades offer excellent processability with an optimal mix of optical and mechanical properties for various applications. These grades offer great ability to meet the diverse and innovative requirement of the demanding market with exceptionally high quality performance in extrusion and moulding applications.